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Accessories and Sponges

Long-Lasting Musical Instrument Accessories

Drop by our store today and browse through the large selection of accessories such as rosins, mutes, tuners, shoulder rests and violin cases. For more details, call us today at 757-312-8961.

Violin, Viola and Cello Cases

We carry many Brands of cases. We are a certified BAM Case dealer.
  • Tonareli, Ultralux Violin Case
  • Tonareli, Aficionado Violin Case
  • Tonareli, Deluxe Violin Case
  • Tonareli, Oblong Violin Hard Case
  • Tonareli, Violin Light Weight Case
  • Tonareli, Fiberglass Violin Case
  • Tonareli, The Dart Violin Case
  • Tonareli, Cello-Shaped Fiberglass Viola Case
  • Tonareli, Ultraux Viola Case
  • Tonareli, Aficionado Viola Case
  • Tonareli, Wheeled Fiberglass Cello Case
  • Tonareli, Light Cello Case

Shoulder Rests

  • Artino Shoulder Rest
  • Bonmusica Shoulder Rest
  • Wolf Secondo Shoulder Rest
  • Everest Shoulder Rest
  • Kun Shoulder Rest
  • Viva Kun Shoulder Rest
  • Everest Violin Shoulder Rest Spring Collection
  • Artino Wood Shoulder Rest
  • Mach One Shoulder Rest

Tuners and Metronomes

We carry major brands of Tuners and Metronomes


  • Rubber Practice Mute
  • Nickel Practice Mute
  • Gold Plated Practice Mute


  • Dominant Rosin
  • Hill Dark Rosin
  • Hill Light Rosin
  • Jade Rosin
  • Gustave Bernardel Rosin
  • William Salchow Rosin
  • Liebenzeller Metall Kolophonium Rosin
  • Pirastro Goldflex Rosin
  • Andrea Rosin
  • Liebenzeller Gold Rosin
  • Pops` Bass Rosin
  • Carlson Bass Rosin
  • Melos Rosin
  • Student Rosin

Pick Ups

  • The Band Pickup
  • Fishman V-200 Violin Pickup
  • Fishman V-100 Violin Pickup
A wide selection of accessories and cases.
We're a family-owned and operated business for over 30 years. 


  • Rock Stop Slip Stop
  • Xeros Endpin Anchor
  • Bass Rock Stop
  • Viva Cello Rock Stop


  • Large for 3/4 to 4/4 Violins and Violas - SP100
  • Medium for 1/2 to 3/4 Violins - SP200
  • Small for 1/4 Violins and Smaller - SP300
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